Buildings 5 and 7
Espace Shawinigan

Buildings 5 and 7

It is impossible not to fall under the spell of these immense rooms, impressive for their large windows, the structure of the ceiling and the hundred-year-old masonry that seems to tell its history to its visitors.

Building 5 is the former vat room of the aluminum smelter. Its brick walls and large windows offer a warm and industrial decor, ideal for large events. Several configurations are possible, thanks to two giant screens on either side of the room and sectional curtains on rails. It is often used for conventions with exhibitors.

Adjacent to building 5, building 7 is usually rented for conventions and conferences and gives access to building 9. This room comprises 5 independent rooms for different workshops, conferences, etc. (Alcan buildings 7A – 7B – 7C – 7D – 7E).

Special features of buildings 5 & 7

  • 2 giant wall screens and their ceiling projector ($)
  • Large windows, preserved in their original style
  • Adjacent cloakroom
  • 18′ high sectional curtains, on rails, included with the room
  • Exit door near the rose garden