La Cité and its exhibitions

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Climb the Hydro-Québec observation tower

On top of the tower, you will be able to see the beauties of the St-Maurice river sceneries and the quality of life in Shawinigan. Back on the ground floor, you will be invited to enter the hydrogen exhibition hall, to discover the new technologies of the energy of future.

Standing tall and proud at more than 115 metres (385 feet) high, the tower at la Cité de l'énergie can lay claim to being Quebec's second highest observation tower.

Capable of powerfully suggesting the might of electrical energy, this pylon has come, so to speak, to symbolize la Cité de l'énergie trademark.

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Museum of Prime Minister Jean Chrétien

Canada in the World

Cité de l'énergie presents at Shawinigan Space the exhibition entitled Musée du Premier ministre Jean Chrétien Le Canada dans le monde.

The Prime Minister of Canada received numerous gifts during his official duties. These items, from around the world, were given during meetings and international events with other Heads of State or government officials, some were given to the Prime Minister while travelling across the country, and others by elected officials, representatives of different organizations and well as by citizens.

This incredible variety of gifts, which relate a part of history, highlight Canada's place in the world. Furthermore, they are a symbolic trace of the stable dialogue among various nations.

The Right Honourable Jean Chrétien, former Prime Minister of Canada, mentioned a while ago it would be legitimate to exhibit the numerous gifts he received during his official duties.

We then decided to create a museum which would highlight the importance of international relations and reveal the dialogue between different cultures, while offering at the same time an educational dimension; as wished by Mr. Chrétien, a museum that will innovate by constantly enriching its collections.

From June 11th to September 25th, 2016. 7 days a week from 10 AM to 5 PM.
Last entrance for a complete visit : 3:30 PM

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Sightseeing tour

La Cité de l'énergie offers its visitors a guided tour of Shawinigan (live commentaries) aboard a vintage tramway-style coach.

You will discover the various facets of the Shawinigan history, the architectural treasures, and the exceptional urban planning.

There must be between 15 and 48 passengers for a departure. All cruise departues are subject to changes.

Duration : 1 h 15
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St. Maurice River Cruise

Once you have comfortably settled on board the ferry (pontoon-type craft), the lazy swells of the St. Maurice River will soon have you bewitched while you listen enraptured by the spellbinding narrative of our very own captain.

There must be between 15 and 48 passengers for a departure. All cruise departues are subject to changes.

Duration : 1 h 15
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The Synergetic Gardens

The gardens encompass three (3) square kilometres of land that shelters 450 varieties of annuals and perennials as well as a diversity of shrubs and trees that extravagantly display a profusion of colours and textures.

You can survey and find delight in a multitude of enticing picnic sites, inviting underwood footpaths, terraces and river banks.