The Cité de l'énergie offer you an organized visit with interpreter-guide.
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Suggested visit

The multimedia show Energia « THE SPIRIT OF THE EARTH » This unforgettable multisensory experience will take you on a journey of discovery into the science of energy.
The permanent exhibition « THE AGES OF ENERGY » For millennia, mankind´s only sources of energy were fire, wind, water and physical strength. The invention of the steam engine changed things once and for all. More recently, oil and electricity have created a world more dependent on energy than ever. What will tomorrow´s energy sources be?
The « Hydro-Québec » observation tower Once perched atop the observation tower, some 115 meters (equivalent to 385 feet or 38 storeys) above the ground, you will be rewarded with spectacular scenery and breathtaking views.
The historic exhibition « STORIES FROM OUR LIVES » Tales of trials, toils and triumphs, of towering dreams and everyday joys, « Stories from our Lives » provides a window onto the collective memories of Shawinigan, a community with an exceptional history. A richly evocative exhibition where each space sets the stage for heart-warming and surprising encounters!
Lunch period (please bring bag lunches)
En route to our Historic Sector aboard our pontoon-type craft and/or trolleybus.
Northern Aluminum Company Power Station (N.A.C.) 1899 You will meander through the old penstocks that channeled the water which in turn span the six turbines of this particular powerhouse. You will also observe an impressive collection of industrial machinery belonging to Cité de l´énergie and Hydro-Québec
A century of hydroelectricity You will discover different ways used to produce hydroelectricity in the last hundred years. With the help of interactive activities, you will have fun managing a hydroelectric system.
Shawinigan-2 Power Station Built in 1910, the Shawinigan-2 Power Station is still functioning with its original equipment. Do come and discover this gem among gems in Québec´s hydroelectric heritage.
Back to our Science Centre by trolleybus and/or pontoon-type craft
FOR THE VISIT OF SHAWINIGAN-2 GENERATING STATION : Visitors aged 18 years and over must present identification (driver´s licence, health insurance card or passport) before they can tour the facility. The electromagnetic fields in power plants may disrupt pacemaker operation. As a precaution, pacemaker users will not be allowed on the part of the guided tour that takes place inside the power plant.

School groups

La Cité de l´énergie offers educational guides to teachers and students of primary and secondary levels. They have been written in collaboration with education specialists and are designed to complement the Québec School Program. Our exhibitions present meaningful learning experiences and match curricula in the areas of science and technology as well as social studies (history and geography).

Since its opening in 1997, La Cité de l´énergie welcomes every year over 15,000 students of all grade levels. We have developed educational activities specially designed for students, and we can greet a group of 30 students as well as a group of 300 students.

We also offer an extensive range of services :

  • Free parking
  • Lunchrooms where bag lunches can be consumed
  • Picnic area

A coordinator makes sure the visit takes place as planned. Upon arrival, he briefly welcomes the students and explains how the visit will progress. Depending on the number of participants, the group is split into sub-groups of about 35 students. Then, each guide directs his/her sub-group to our exhibitions. La Cité de l´énergie is organizing a variety of tours tailored to meet your needs.

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For information or reservation, please contact :

Josiane Benoit
Reservation Coordinator
Telephone : 819 536-8516 | Toll free : 1 866 900-2483