Hydro-Québec Observation Tower
la Cité de l’Énergie

Hydro-Québec Observation Tower

In this 115 metre-high room, experience a breathtaking panoramic view of Shawinigan and its surroundings. The observation tower is ideal for a dinner, a night out or a cocktail.

Tower rental includes:

  • The basic sound system for microphone speaking
  • 1/8″ wire to connect an iPod or laptop
  • A lectern
  • A microphone and stand
  • 6 foot rectangular tables
  • 60 inch round tables (8 person table)
  • Upholstered leather conference style chairs
  • Refrigerator(s)
  • Catering facilities
  • Wireless Internet according to room capacity
  • Setting up and dismantling required equipment rented from Cité de l’énergie
  • One person assigned to the elevator
  • One person assigned to the surveillance and maintenance