Multimedia Show: The Planet Energy Experience
la cité de l’énergie

Multimedia Show: The Planet Energy Experience

The multimedia show : The Planet Energy Experience is included as part of the visit to the permanent exhibition Planet Energy at the Cité de l’énergie.

As soon as you enter the room, the enigmatic flight of energy particles will lead you into an immersive multimedia environment where energy is presented as a powerful phenomenon, both mysterious and familiar. Striking and multisensory special effects quickly plunge the spectator into the heart of the Sun, the primary source of Earth’s energy. In this fantastic journey, the spectator will discover new manifestations of energy and their impact on a planetary scale.

Multimedia show duration : 20 minutes.

Planet Energy Exhibition The Planet Energy Experience
Schedules and Rates

la cité de l’énergie Schedules and Rates

Included in the

Included in the The Cité de l’énergie visit from June 10 to September 24, 2023 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

  • Adults

    18 years and over

    $ 28

  • Children and adolescents

    6 to 17 years


  • Children

    5 years and less


  • Elders

    65 and over

    $ 27

  • Family

    2 adults / 1 child

    $ 61

  • Family

    2 adults / 2 children

    $ 68

The Cité de l’énergie visit includes the Science center sector (Planet Energy exhibit and multimedia show, the Hydro-Québec observation tower, the Prime Minister Jean Chrétien Museum – Canada in the World and the temporary exhibition) and the Hydroelectric sector, which includes the visit to the NAC and Shawinigan-2 generating stations.

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